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Journey Midwife Services
Seattle Birth Center
2705 E. Madison St. Seattle WA 98112


Ph. 206-328-7929 Fax 206-328-6066

Investment in Community

is at the Heart of our Midwifery Care

At Journey Midwife Services, we work hard for our clients, our friends and our communities. We believe all people, including ourselves, should be compensated for their labor.


For Clients:

If you have questions about your birth estimate during your pregnancy, please email emi@homebirthinseattle.com.


If you have questions about an invoice you received from Island Billing Services, please email ingrid@islandbillingservices.com


For Prospective Students / Partner Organizations:

Send an email to our Outreach Coordinator at birthforthepeople@gmail.com. Please include a summary of your experiences working in/with marginalized communities. Attach reference letters and/or resume if available. The Outreach Coordinator will vet and contact appropriate candidates.


We find that fielding unsolicited emails takes our attention and resources away from our important work. Please compensate us for our time if you can. Use the Buy Now button below, and choose Email fee or send $17 via Cash App to $preciousyarborough with the memo "Email fee for [your name]."


For Supporters:

Choose any option from the Buy Now menu and write "donation" in the memo. Your generous financial support will be used to provide services to families in need, clinical opportunities for students of color and a sustainable, people of color-led midwifery model of care that centers social justice.