Emi Yamasaki McLaughlin, LM

Emi’s relationship with natural birth started before she was born. Her mother went to a feminist health collective for her prenatal care and had all of her babies at home with midwives. Emi’s sister Tae recruited her to be her doula in 2003. While reading books her sister had assigned her, Emi was fascinated by the simple, physiologic ways a person could be supported in having a natural birth. Needless to say, both her mother and sister are incredibly proud that she is now a midwife.

Emi works hard to nurture a cohesive community of midwives of color and birth workers committed to social justice and accessible care. She focused her graduate studies on issues concerning women of color and racial and ethnic health inequities. Emi presented her Master’s thesis research, titled “Increasing the Racial and Ethnic Diversity of Direct-Entry Midwives: Exploratory Interviews with Black Midwives and Educators,” at the Midwives’ Association of Washington conference in November 2013. 

You can read Emi’s thesis here.

Emi graduated from Bastyr University with a Master’s degree in midwifery. She has been going to births for 9 years and has worked with hundreds of pregnant families. She is licensed by the Washington State Department of Health as a Licensed Midwife (LM). Emi is a professional member of the Midwives’ Association of Washington State and LGBTQ Birth and Family Professionals (based in Puget Sound).


She believes that pregnancy and birth are sacred times in a person’s life. She enjoys witnessing the empowerment families experience when supported by midwifery care.

She enjoys baking, karaoke, container gardening and being outside in our mutable Seattle weather. She lives in Seattle with her two cats.

You can email Emi at emi@homebirthinseattle.com.

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