Labor Tubs

If you’re planning a home birth and would like to labor in water and/or have a water birth, the following companies rent and sell labor tubs:

Birth Tubs and Beyond - Birth Tubs and Beyond is a local, family-run tub rental service offering a variety of birth tubs to choose from for your labor. 

Aqua Doula  - The Aqua Doula is a home birth tub that has a built-in heater to keep the water warm as you labor and birth your baby. You can purchase the Aqua Doula tub from their website.

Labor Tubs Northwest - You can rent an Aqua Doula tub from Labor Tubs Northwest. They provide delivery, setup and support, tub use, and tub removal around the clock.

Belly and Bunting - You can rent an inflatable “eco-pool” from Belly and Bunting.

Waterbirth Solutions - Waterbirth Solutions rent out a variety of inflatable birth tubs.


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