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"Caity and Emi are amazing! They are knowledgable midwives who provide excellent holistic maternal services. My home birth under their guidance was a truly exceptional experience. I highly recommend them to anyone seeking safe, personal, compassionate, pregnancy and birth care." - Cathy P.

"Had the birth Experience of my dreams. These gals are some of the most kind, gentle, compassionate women I've ever met. Never felt so empowered. Thank you!!!" - Stephanie L.

“Emi and Caity put me at ease. The time, dedication, and level of care during my wife’s pregnancy were beyond compare to what you would get at a doctor’s office. Where these two really shone though was at the birth. Calm, confident and incredibly smart, these two were completely in control from first contraction to baby. They didn’t just bring our daughter into the world, they gave us one of the best memories of our life.” – Chris R.

“Caity and Emi make an excellent team. They are knowledgeable, professional, and personable…Mine was a long labor, and Caity and Emi tried every trick in their book because they knew I wanted to deliver at home. I felt very lucky to be in their care.” – Hannah P.

“We are so thankful to you for being a part of this journey. Thank you for standing by our sides, for bringing a sense of calm to the beautiful storm, and for loving our daughter. We are forever grateful.” – Ashley N.

“Emi is very knowledgeable and cares deeply about her patients. She listens to your concerns and questions. She does her job well, and will do everything in her power to make your birthing experience a joy. I trust her fully!” - Takia J.

Family Photo Before We Left

“Before Caity felt my belly for the first time, she touched my arm to let me know what the temperature of her hands was. This was the first time I remember a midwife doing that for me.  It left me with the impression that she was gentle and in tune with how her patients might feel… Caity was very calming and also good at cheering me on when I needed it.” – Jessi C.

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